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2T2 Group Inc.

2T2 Group Inc. is a research and development firm specializing in designing load-securing systems and equipment for the transportation industry (road, maritime, railroad and air).

Created in 2005, the Quebec-based company has taken on the mission to offer the industry load-securing solutions that are safe, fast and easy.

Concerned with the growing number of workplace accidents related to load-securing operations, an engineer and a machinist who were members of 2T2 Group Inc. took several years of research and development to design and market a new securing winch, the globally patented BOA WINCH®.

The innovative mechanism of this device allows users to apply the required tension to the strap without needing extreme muscular strength while ensuring greater precision. Because it is easier to handle, the BOA WINCH® minimizes the risk of injury and can be used safely by male and female operators.

Increasing the efficiency of load tiedown while keeping workers safe is what motivates us to develop innovative products for this industry.

2T2 Group Inc. is a partner of choice for manufacturers and distributors of heavy vehicles, distributors of replacement parts and accessories for these vehicles and managers of transportation companies.

Why not challenge us to find powerful solutions to your issues and thus increase your productivity!